Our Legal Services


We advise commercial clients on business start-ups, joint ventures and partnerships, franchising, terms and conditions, commercial contract and debt, bankruptcy and liquidation. We represent both sellers and buyers in the negotiation and sale and purchase of an established business.


We are prepared to meet your needs in the most efficient manner possible; whether it be at a physical office or a virtual office.


We know that you operate in a fast-moving, cutting-edge business world; you need experienced, knowledgeable advisers to help you satisfy rapidly changing demands, competitive forces, and regulatory challenges. You want a relationship based on trust, proven responsiveness, efficiency, and transparent communication. We are committed to building such relationships; we have the legal expertise to assist you as a business executive with your specialised needs as you strive to grow your business and improve your communities.


Our practice includes all aspects of commercial, residential and industrial property law, from sale and purchase of commercial and residential property, contract negotiation and contract enforcement.


We can advise you on all aspects of leasing for commercial and retail premises, help you negotiate terms and conditions with the landlord and prepare all leasing and disclosure requirements.


The road rules are in place to protect members of community and to promote safety. Not following road rules can result in serious consequence, even death.


Legal arguments in road traffic cases often focus on how harsh the sentencing should be. Should someone be disqualified for six months, 18 months, or not at all? All sorts of factors can make a court pass a tougher, or more lenient, sentence.


When you come to us we do not judge you for your actions. Instead, we work with you to find a solution best for you. Much of traffic law is complex and technical but we make sure that you understand the process and how it affects you.


We offer fixed fees for traffic cases and we guarantee that you will be represented by an experienced solicitor in Court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Service and Litigation

Sometimes our clients’ interests are better served by resolving disputes out of court, through formal or informal negotiation, mediation or arbitration. We have been involved in conciliation and mediation in a wide variety of disputes.


However, we know that sometimes a court action is hard to avoid and in such cases we will work with you to define your goals and to ensure that you know when litigation is the best option for achieving them.


We can help you prepare risk-reward analyses before entering into litigation and as litigation proceeds. Such analyses will also help you to measure the progress of litigation.